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henna artist, designer, and photographer!


About Me!


Hi, my name is Megan Marie Snyder. I graduated from George Mason University in December of 2017 with dual degrees and 3 majors. The degrees are a BA in Art and Visual Technology (concentration in Graphic Design) and a Double BA in Art History and English (concentration in Cultural Studies) (I graduated with honors too.) I also have 12 years of professional experience, which has provided hands-on experimentation with all types of mediums such as oil paints, web design, typography, photography, illustrations, henna tattoos, and mixed media. My formal education combined with professional work experience in the industry creates designs that are experimental, well-researched, bold, multidisciplinary, responsive, and visually pleasing. I am the happiest when I am creating art!

Side Note: I am a prolific artist. I have created over 500,000 pieces of art--paintings, photographs, illustrations, henna tattoos, graphics, designs, lettering, creative writings, and mix medias-- for clients, personal projects, social causes, and in collaboration. However, many of these pieces became lost in transit, so this portfolio only represents less than 1% of my artistic production.  One time, bubbly golden champagne spilled on my DSLR camera while riding in a limo in San Diego. Then some CF cards were corrupted and smashed on a road trip to San Francisco. Gorgeous life-size wall paintings were abandoned in a house that was later condemned. Books full of colorful illustrations stolen and lost in the gritty streets of Hollywood and Brooklyn. The worst part, was when hijackers corrupted my  computer with ransomware that stole all of my files, while I was studying in Washington DC. This explains while my Graphic Design section is so skimpy, even though I majored in it. 

But don't worry. All of this lost art has taught me a valuable lesson: ALWAYS TRIPLE BACKUP FILES!


I Love Art

I love art! I remember as a little child my hands were always dirty with colorful paints and markers. When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with anime characters like Sailor Moon, and would illustrate my own  characters during lunch time. However, it was my time at Coronado High School in California that proved to be the most formative, in terms of developing my love for art. I was apart of CoSA (Coronado School of the Arts) in the Technical Theater program where I mostly explored costume design, lighting, and props. Then the school certified me in Graphic Design because I helped design the yearbook and was also in the yearbook committee.  Lastly this is the time where I picked up my first camera, in which my friends and I would play dress up and capture memories at punk shows and the beach.

My first job out of high school was as a portrait photographer capturing photos of tourist on the lovely Mission Beach. After about 8 months, I found myself designing henna tattoos for international clientele consisting mostly of young adults and teenagers. I used photography as a marketing tool to document and promote my henna designs. I also interned at a tattoo shop  investigating color theory, human form, and illustration. Most importantly, my friends and I would have painting parties, art collaborations, and host art shows combining oil paints, body art, photography, costume designs, and illustrations.  After about 8 years of creating art, I decided to make the sacrifice and move to the east coast to support my career goal of becoming an art director.

When I moved to the east coast, I found myself on the intellectual path of studying and creating art. I would continue to dedicate at least 15 hours a day engaging in art production. While this type of time consuming practice was not new, it was the intellectual exploration which enlightened me that all forms of art are important and interconnected with each other. Artists need to engaged in art history, literary theory, music history, aesthetics, color theory, fashion design, social studies, politics, creative writing, and museum studies to be successful. Art is not created in a vacuum, but as a reaction. This is why it's important for artists to explore all mediums, and to study as many subjects as possible. 

World Class Customer Service

I strive to make my clients happy. The ability to communicate with a diverse range of clients is one of my best assets. Working on the beaches of San Diego, at a theme park in the Washington DC metro, birthday parties, bridal showers, fairs, festivals and religious holidays have all help contribute to provide a tradition of excellent customer service. 

My Goals

My goal as a multidisciplinary artist is to create original and bold designs that communicates quality craftsmanship, cutting-edge problem solving skills, and emotion. Therefore, It is also important for me to be up-to-date with current and historical fashion, literary, technology, social, and art trends because forecasting the future of design is imperative to success. Being up-to-date creates and grows cultural and economic capital, while producing strong and timeless collateral that effectively communicates cohesive messages.