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henna artist, designer, and photographer!


It is my philosophy that professionals in this modern day arts industry needs to have a deeper understanding and expertise in multiple fields. Since graphic design is the pairing of text and visuals to communicate a message - having profound knowledge in multiple subjects such as writing, fine art, sociology, communications, cultural studies, and history is critical in developing solutions that solves problems. Thus my multidisciplinary approach solicits a unique experience for both the client and audience while directly solving problems in a innovative way.  

My favorite part of my portfolio can be found at the end of this page. It's a self published book called "Henna Around the World." It has over 160 pages of all original content. I captured all of the photographs, wrote all the text, drew all of the illustrations, and laid out all of the content! It was produced, designed, and published in the fall and winter of 2017.